3D LUXURY Mink Lashes

Details: The ultimate lash for your Bridal Glam Squad or Bride.
Our new lash is effortlessly flirtatious.  The unique formation of mink hairs focuses its length and volume towards the center of the eye in order to create a wide-eyed, flawless finish.  This unique design features alternating sections for a fierce AF look, it accentuates any makeup look and suits all eye shapes. 
The weightless mink fibers and superfine lash band create a glam finish with the utmost level of comfort, allowing you to slay in them all day and night.

Reusable 25-30 times

Length: Medium/Long

Align band with natural lash line and trim band excess if needed.
  1. Make sure when applying glue to lash band wait until adhesive is tacky.
  2. Place the lash in the outer corner of your natural lashes, then using fingers or tweezers for assistance push the band into the center and inner corner of the lid right above natural lashes.
  3. Press lash against natural lashes.